Private & Scientific Expeditions - Diving in New Caledonia

© Odyssey - Dr. Bastien PREUSS
© Odyssey - Dr. Bastien PREUSS
© Odyssey - Dr. Bastien PREUSS

New Caledonia Deep-sea secrets revealed


This personalised diving adventure will take you to experience unique places in untouched and remote areas of New Caledonia. Come diving with a Doctor in Marine Ecology and you will discover the magic of New Caledonia's reefs, lagoons and open sea along with its extraordinary biodiversity. 

Equipped with professional underwater cameras and drones, the crew will capture priceless moments of your adventure.

Underwater photographers will love the exceptional locations and on site knowledge, allowing them to get the best photographic footage.

The crew members will give you the keys to understand and penetrate the heart of the silent world of New Caledonia. Get a scientific approach of this special ecosystem and take benefits from the knowledge of experts who will guide you in your exploration dive.

The dives are operated by a Doctor in Marine Ecology who has carried out numerous scientific expeditions. Passionate and driven by the eagerness to share his experiences, he also realises underwater photos for scientific or communication purposes. The crew-members have a knowledge in marine wildlife and diving qualifications, which will allow them to take you to the most secret and unspoiled places among dazzling lagoons and reefs of New Caledonia. 

3 Options:


Classic (20ft rigid-hulled inflatable boat)

Fast and easy, it'll take you in every corners of the lagoon.

Premium (36ft catamaran 4 double cabins) 

The perfect buddy to discover the lagoon with the loved ones. 

Luxury (46ft catamaran)

A spacious boat to relax and enjoy your trip on the lagoon! 


  • Classic:     from $790 per person (base 2 persons / $200 per extra person)

  • Premium:  from $1,690 per person (base 2 persons / $250 per extra person)

  • Luxury:      from $2,190 per person (base 2 persons / $300 per extra person)


Prices valid to March 2020


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