Helicopter Tour - Noumea - New Caledonia

Noumea - Helicopter Tour


There is no better way to view New Caledonia than by air. Based at the domestic airport of Nouméa Magenta, our partner will transport you anywhere you want – the only limit is your imagination. Flights can take you over the lagoon, to the Isle of Pines, the Coeur de Voh or across the North of Caledonia. This is also a popular form of business trip. 


Tour 1: The Lagoon (30 minutes of flight)
Flying over the Anse Vata Bay, Duck Island, the Maîte Island, Larégnère islet, the coral barrier reef, the wreck of Ever Prosperity and the Amédée Lighthouse.


Tour 1 Bis: The Lagoon and the Malawi Peak (40 minutes)

This is the same itinerary than the Lagoon Tour with 10 minutes more of flying, for a touch down on Malawi Point (Cap Policeman). 


Tour 2:  The South (1 hour of flight)
Flying from Nouméa, over sea side until the Prony Bay, over a part of South lagoon world heritage UNESCO, over Yaté Lake and its dam, the Madeleine Falls, an old nickel mine and back to Nouméa by Tina's golf.


Tour 3: The Isle of Pines (1 hour and 45 minutes)
Flying over the coast, Ouen island and Woodin canal, the south lagoon and islets. Flying over the beautiful Isle of Pines: Kuto, Brosse islet, Nokanhui atoll, Upi bay, Oro Bay and Gadgi Bay before to return by plains Lakes, Madeleine Falls, Yaté Lake.

July and August offers a higher probability to see whales!


Tour 4: The Heart of Voh (3 hours of flight)
Departure from Noumea Magenta, flying over Païta, Tontouta, Boulouparis, La Foa, Moindou, Bourail, Poya, Pouembout, Koné, the Heart of Voh, and return to Noumea Magenta by flying over the largest lagoon of the world and the mountain range.


Romantic Tour: Lagoon (30 Minutes of flight + 30 minutes of break)
Departure from Noumea Magenta, flying over Ouémo Island, Anse Vata Bay, Duck Islet, Maître Islet, Larégnére Islet, Great Barrier Reef, Ever Prosperity wreck, Amedee Island Lighthouse for a break "half bottle of champagne with your feet in the water" (Table and chairs will be available), return to Noumea by the lagoon.


Romantic Tour: The South (1 hour of flight + 30 minutes of break)
Departure from Noumea in the southern extreme of New Caledonia, flying over the Prony Bay and half an hour break on Nouré islet, then flying over the South Lagoon registered as UNESCO world heritage, the lake of Yaté, an old Nickel mine and Tina's golf.


Romantic Tour: East Coast (1 hour of flight + 30 minutes of break)
Dumbea Valley, Dzumac mounts, Ouinné Valley, Kouakoué mouth. Enjoy a 30 minute champagne break on river bank just near a waterfall. Back to Noumea Magenta over the East coast and the South.


Romantic Tour: Isle of Pines (2 hours of flights + 1 hour of break)
Amedee Island Lighthouse, Kwé reef, Mato pass, islet of the south before to fly over the beautiful Ile des Pins: Kuto, Brosse islet, Nokanhui atoll, Upi Bay, Oro bay and the natural pool, Gadji Bay.

Enjoy a half an hour break on an islet for a picnic with table, chairs and a half bottle of Champagne.

Back to Nouméa flying over the South: Plaine des Lacs, Madeleine falls, Yaté lake. 

July and August offers a higher probability to see whales!


This tour excludes:

Transfers to Noumea Magenta airport (possibility to book private transfers, please contact us)


Important Notes:

Maximum 3 persons per helicopter (2 persons for the "Romantic Tour")

Reservation has to be made minimum 24 hours prior to the departure

Tours do not operate on 25 December or 01 January



Tour 1 - The Lagoon: $1,150 per helicopter

Tour 1 Bis - The Lagoon and the Malawi Peak: $1,580 per helicopter

Tour 2 - The Far South: $2,230 per helicopter

Tour 3 - ''Cote Oubliee'': $2,540 per helicopter

Tour 4 - The Isle of Pines: $3,770 per helicopter

Tour 5 - The Heart of Voh: $5,696 per helicopter

Romantic Tour - Lagoon: $1,380 per helicopter


Other romantic tours are available upon request(1-2 hour duration)

Rates available on request for helicopter transfers from Magenta Airport to Tontouta Airport, Deva, Isle of Pines and Escapade Island.


Prices valid to March 2022


Our friendly staff look forward to assisting you.

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