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InterContinental Lifou Wadra Bay Resort

InterContinental Lifou Wadra Bay Resort
JamesVodicka Intercontinental Lifou
InterContinental Lifou Wadra Bay Resort
Mou bays
InterContinental Lifou Wadra Bay Resort
JamesVodicka Intercontinental Lifou

InterContinental Lifou Wadra Bay Resort  *****

Wadra Bay, Tribu de Mou, 98820 – Lifou, New Caledonia


Hidden away on a remote stretch of coast on Lifou, the largest of the Loyalty Islands of New Caledonia, InterContinental Lifou Wadra Bay Resort invites you to unwind in luxurious seclusion, discover pristine natural wonders from dense jungles to colourful coral reefs, and immerse in a fascinating tribal culture. Commanding a picturesque beachfront location at one end of beautiful Wadra Bay, in the unspoilt south-east of Lifou, this exclusive resort treads lightly with just 50 villas, bungalows and rooms spread out over an expansive estate of old-growth forest. Melanesian-inspired architecture blends harmoniously into the lush greenery of coconut groves, rainforest and New Caledonia’s iconic column-like pine trees. Retreat to spacious rooms enveloped by lush foliage to destress, rejuvenate and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. Indulge in a tempting combination of Melanesian, French and international flavours. Reboot through aquatic adventures in the sheltered lagoon right in front of the resort. Encounter the proud people of the surrounding villages. And lose yourself in the natural beauty of this intriguing, untouched island. 

Isolated and almost completely undeveloped, Lifou is a hotspot of incredible biodiversity waiting to be explored. Soaring cliffs of ancient coral pitted with watery caves rise above undisturbed sandy beaches, while the interior plains of the island are covered in unspoilt jungles and forests ideal for hiking, and dotted with natural waterholes perfect for cooling off in the heat of the day. Snorkel or dive Lifou’s sheltered, crystal-clear waters to find coral reefs teeming with colourful clownfish, parrotfish, manta rays, green turtles and thousands of mollusc species, including majestic giant blue clams. Avid bird-watchers can spot more than a hundred types of bird that call the island home, including several white-eye species only found on Lifou, while huge coconut crabs live up to their name by cracking open coconuts with their powerful claws. Lifou is also renowned for the quality of its divine vanilla beans; you can savour the intense aromas  of these fragrant pods at plantations across the island, sample freshly made vanilla coffee and vanilla-infused honey, and pamper yourself with vanilla-scented skincare and body milks.  

The resort’s dining experiences draw on local Melanesian food culture and find inspiration in the French influence in New Caledonia.  
At Ömöm, the resort’s main restaurant, you’ll have your choice of international cuisine with a French touch. Ömöm, which means ‘twilight’ in Drehu, the language of the Wé tribe of Lifou, offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. On the lagoon island, the resort’s Sewen restaurant serves up expertly barbecued seafood as well as delicacies such as the traditional Melanesian dish of bougna. A delicious combination of yam, meats and coconut milk, bougna is wrapped in banana leaves and buried with hot stones in the ground to slowly cook to perfection. Sewen, which means ‘turtle’ in Drehu, is open for dinner.  
Facing the pool and the beach next to Ömöm, Italofa bar serves up light snacks throughout the day, as well as pre-dinner cocktails and aperitifs and a selection of fine wines and beers. Italofa means ‘welcome’ in Drehu, a fitting name for a welcoming space.  

Developed in collaboration with the Mou tribe, the traditional owners of this area of the island, InterContinental Lifou Wadra Bay Resort not only blends masterfully into its lush tropical surroundings but respects and honours the distinctive culture of local Melanesian communities. On arrival at the resort, you will be greeted with a welcoming ceremony that introduces Mou tribal customs, which include offering ‘customary gestures’, or small gifts, to your hosts when visiting their land or their home. During your stay, you will have opportunities to engage in Mou tribal culture, including guided tours to villages to meet members of local communities, and cultural and musical events at the resort.With personal respect for one another and environmentally sustainable practices highly valued in Lifou’s tribal culture, you will walk away from encounters with the Mou people with a fresh perspective on life and a renewed sense of how we can live in harmony with a bountiful nature.  


With just 50 luxurious villas, bungalows and rooms spreading out amid lush foliage and lining the internal lagoon, you’ll enjoy a sense of privacy and feel embraced by the natural beauty of the island wherever you stay at the resort. Each guest room is decorated in a calming palette of muted tones, dark and light wood and Melanesian textiles to create authentic, nurturing spaces. 


  • Beach Villas 

Five one-bedroom Beach Villas nestle into the beachfront tree line on the ocean-facing edge of the resort. Each spacious Beach Villa has its own Jacuzzi and private terrace, where you can gaze  out over the sand to surf breaking on a coral reef and beyond to the expanses of the South Pacific Ocean.  


  • Forest Bungalows 

Standing around 3 metres (10 feet) off the ground amid lush rainforest, each of the four secluded Forest Bungalows offers a peaceful sanctuary complete with a freestanding bathtub for a leisurely soak. 


  • Lagoon Bungalows 

19 thoughtfully appointed Lagoon Bungalows feature balconies that extend out over a tranquil seawater artificial lagoon, at the heart of the resort.


  • Resort Rooms 

22 Resort Rooms, each with a generously sized bed, high ceilings and a freestanding bathtub, sit in the resort gardens, between the seawater lagoon and the beach.  
5 Resort Rooms connect to adjoining rooms, making them perfect for families travelling with older children. There is one accessible Resort Room.

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