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Terms & Conditions


“Us” and “We” means New Caledonia Voyages

“You” means The Client


These are New Caledonia Voyages Terms and Conditions. The following terms and conditions should be read carefully as the explain the basis for which bookings are made through New Caledonia Voyages. Once your deposit has been paid and accepted we understand that you have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions below apply to the purchase and your booking that you make at New Caledonia Voyages. You must be 18 years of age or older to make a booking. It is important that you understand and agree with the following terms and conditions. Please do not proceed with any purchase or booking unless you agree with these Terms and Conditions.


Contents – Please refer below to the contents included in our Terms and Conditions

  1. Bookings

  2. Limitation of Liability

  3. Rates & Prices

  4. Deposits & Final Payments

  5. Payments Options

  6. Cancellation Charges & Other Service Fees 

  7. Taxes 

  8. Reservations

  9. Special Requirements

  10. Flight Schedule Changes

  11. Supplier Changes

  12. Travel Insurance

  13. Travel Documentation

  14. Airlines

  15. Website & Brochure

  16. Baggage

  17. Privacy Laws

​1. Bookings

A booking request is accepted when we issue a written booking confirmation and you have paid your deposit. It is at this point that a contract between us and you comes into existence subject to these Booking Conditions. We reserve the right to decline any booking at our discretion. No employee of ours other than a director has the authority to vary or omit any of these Booking Conditions or to promise any discount or refund.


2. Responsibility


Where a third party over whom we have no direct control (Independent Supplier) is the supplier of travel arrangements that form part of your trip, you acknowledge that our obligations to you are limited to taking reasonable steps to select a reputable Independent Supplier and arranging for them to provide those travel arrangements to you. Independent Suppliers over whom we have no direct control include but are not limited to airlines, railway and cruise operators, hoteliers, independent transport companies (i.e., vehicles not operated by us) and common carriers.


We act as an intermediary only and you will be subject to the terms and conditions of the Independent Supplier. Any disputes between you and the Independent Supplier are to be resolved between you and them.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, we will not be responsible to you for any loss, damage, personal injury or delay attributable to the actions or omissions of an Independent Supplier.



To the extent only that we are the principal supplier to you of travel arrangements or other services which we control, then we will provide those travel arrangements and services with reasonable skill and care.


We will only be responsible for our employees in the course of their employment, and for our agents and suppliers (where we are not the supplier’s agent or an intermediary for an Independent Supplier) if they were carrying out the work we had asked them to do.


We will not be responsible for any loss, damage, claim or expense caused by the acts or omissions of yourself, of any other third party not connected with the provision of the travel arrangements or services, or due to an event of Force Majeure.


While we endeavour to meet scheduled arrival and departure times, we cannot guarantee this. We will not be responsible for any loss or additional expenses you incur for any missed connections/services attributable to delays.



You acknowledge that travel arrangements or services which comply with local laws and regulations will be deemed to have been properly performed, even if this would not be considered the case in Australia.


Australian Consumer Law and corresponding legislation in State jurisdictions in certain circumstances imply mandatory conditions and warranties into consumer contracts (“Consumer Warranties”). These Booking Conditions do not exclude or limit the application of the Consumer Warranties. Other than the Consumer Warranties, we disclaim all warranties.


To the fullest extent permitted by law, our maximum liability to you under these Booking Conditions, in tort (including negligence) or at law is limited to arranging for the travel arrangements to be resupplied or payment of the cost of having the travel arrangements resupplied


3. Rates & Prices 

The rates and prices which are quoted in any print or on the website and quoted by our reservations personnel are subject to availability and change without notice. They can also be withdrawn or varied without any prior notice.

We are only able to guarantee this once the final monies have been paid to us.


4. Deposits & Final Payments 

Group tour will be required to pay a deposit of $500.00 per person and FIT Booking require 50% of the total amount to New Caledonia Voyages or your travel agent as applicable. New Caledonia Voyages reserves the right to change or correct any errors in the rates that are quoted or calculated or any omission made at any time during your booking or deposits when booking.

By paying your deposit, it holds your reservation only and does not guarantee that the final payment amount will not change due to circumstances beyond our control as referred to in clause 3.

All deposits are non-refundable in any circumstances unless the booking is cancelled due to some negligence or breach of duty by us. This includes if you or we cancel the booking for any reason.

Your final payments MUST be paid no later than 60 days prior to the scheduled date of departure unless otherwise stated.

If the full payment is not received by the due date, a late payment fee of $20 or a cancellation fee will be incurred.


5. Payment Options 


Payment by Credit Card:

Credit card surcharges of 1.5% for Visa and MasterCard and 3% for American Express will apply.

Any amount paid to us by credit card means that you agree that any dispute with the validity of the transaction will be taken up with your credit card issuer. This is also including where a service provider fails to provide a service to you for any reason whatsoever. Any remedy lies against that provider and you agree to seek a remedy against us in breach of these terms and conditions.


Payment by Cheque, Money Order or Cash:

When making payment by other means such as cheque, money order, Electronic Funds Transfer or cash, bookings can only be confirmed upon receipt of the funds being cleared. You must allow 5 working days for this payment to clear before the actual payment due date.

If paying by these methods such as cheque, you agree to not stop the payment even if you choose to cancel the booking.

Before refunding any monies to you, you understand that we will need to satisfy any liability in terms of cancellation fees etc and ensure no final monies are owed.


6. Cancellation Charges & Other Service Fees 

If you cancel the booking, we will be unable to provide any refund to you unless we receive a refund of the amounts we have already paid to the third party service providers.

Any bookings which are cancelled will incur charges as applicable and travel service providers are entitled to impose cancellation charges, which can be up to 100% of the amount paid to them for the relevant service, regardless of whether travel has commenced.

If we receive any refunds from travel service providers, we will ensure that we return any refunds on to you. As reasonable compensation to us for the services that we have provided and any expenses we have incurred, you agree that we are entitled to retain a minimum cancellation fee of $500 per person.


All cancellations must be made in writing to New Caledonia Voyages and will be subject to the following cancellation charges from the date the written cancellation is received; The cancellation is not effective until we receive the written advice. Cancellations are subject to a fee follows:

  • 60 days, or more, prior to departure: forfeit of deposit plus any fees and charges payable to suppliers.

  • 59 – 31 days prior to departure: 25% of the total cost or deposit paid (whichever is greater), plus any fees and charges payable to suppliers.

  • 30 days, or less, prior to departure: 100% of total cost

In some cases, some services may require full payment prior to any reservations being made and may thereafter be non-refundable. In such case we will notify you of these conditions in our quotes and documentation to you. Any amendment request for non-refundable services will be treated as a cancellation.  Cancellation fees for air tickets that are issued by us or on our behalf will apply as determined by Airline Tariff Regulations. *NOTE that different cancellation fees may apply to different travel components. For example: airlines often apply a 100% cancellation fee and tours or packages taking place over the Christmas and New Year period.

The payment of your deposit constitutes an acceptance of those terms and conditions and your acknowledgement that you will be bound by their cancellation fee charges. No refund is available for cancellation after the tour has commenced or in respect of any tours, accommodation, meals, or any other services not utilised. Cancellation of confirmed services forming part of an existing booking will incur cancellation fees as listed. You agree that these cancellation charges are reasonable, represent a genuine pre-estimate of our loss and are required to protect our legitimate business interests.


6.1 Non-payment of Fees

If any payments are missed in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions, then all monies owing to New Caledonia Voyages shall be payable immediately.

New Caledonia Voyages shall be entitled to charge interest at the rate of 3% above the 90 day bank bill rate as set by The Reserve Bank of Australia per calendar month on all overdue amounts from the date due for payment until the date of actual payment.

New Caledonia Voyages will apply any costs or expenses to recovering any monies owed which also includes any associated legal costs or debt collection fees.


6.2 Amendment of Fees

If any amendments are made to your booking, a minimum fee of $55 per person, together with any additional amendment fees applied by the service providers.


6.3 Other Service Fees

Where other outstanding fees are required, New Caledonia Voyages are able to apply for such as charged by airlines, resorts and other service providers, for any services provided by us in addition to those included in your holiday package. Part of these fees may include credit card surcharges, late booking fees, processing fees and urgent documentation delivery and any other associated costs.


6.4 Cancellations Group Holidays

If you wish to make a cancellation(s), you must write to New Caledonia Voyages. Any cancellations will be subject to the following cancellation charges from the date the written cancellation is received:


  • 60 days, or more, prior to departure: forfeit of deposit plus any fees and charges payable to suppliers.

  • 59 – 31 days prior to departure: 25% of the total cost or deposit paid (whichever is greater), plus any fees and charges payable to suppliers.

  • 30 days, or less, prior to departure: 100% of total cost


In the event of a cancellation, any refunds will be less any administration fees including visa fees, transfer fees and any applicable amendment fees.

In no circumstances can these cancellation charges be varied and no refunds will be given for any unused parts of a holiday after the departure date.

Please note that any employees of any overseas company or staff of New Caledonia Voyages outside Australia are not authorized to make any undertakings to clients in respect of refunds or any other related matters. Matters should always be referred to Head Office.


7. Taxes

Australian taxes are subject to change until the date your tickets are issued and are recorded on your ticket as being paid in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.


8. Reservations

A reservation will only be made once we have received all monies owing and received confirmation from the service provider. If the service provider is unable to confirm the reservation, you may be offered an alternative choice of accommodation which in some cases may be at an additional cost which New Caledonia Voyages are not liable for.


9. Special requirements 

Any requirements in terms of meals and seating arrangements must be booked when confirming your travel arrangements and cannot be guaranteed as they are subject to availability.


10. Flight schedule changes 

As the traveler, it is your responsibility to ensure that your flight is departing at the time specified and that this has not changed. Any airline has the right to reschedule or cancel flights at any time for any reason.

New Caledonia Voyages are unable to accept any responsibility should this happen and for any additional costs that you may incur as a result of this.


11. Supplier Changes

Please read your individual travel plan carefully as to what is included in your package and what you will still be liable to pay for. Some of these include any cruises, tour days, golf days or massages etc.

If you decide to cancel any part of your package then you will not receive a refund once this has been confirmed.


12. Travel Insurance 

The Australian Government recommends that all travelers obtain travel insurance prior to any trip of any personal or business nature.

As part of our booking process, we will offer all passengers relevant travel insurance applicable for their trip. If you do not wish to purchase travel insurance through us, you must inform us of your travel insurance provider and applicable details. If you are travelling without travel insurance you may be required to sign a disclaimer to this effect.

Travel insurance is required to protect travelers for delays, disruption etc and is there to protect your travel arrangements.


13. Travel Documentation 

Please ensure that you keep your Travel Documents in a safe place. It is your responsibility to keep these documents safe and ready for your travel. These documents could be your airline tickets, hotel vouchers, tour vouchers etc. These documents are subject to specific conditions and/or restrictions and are non transferable, non changeable and subject to cancellation and amendment fees as applicable.

If you lose any of your documentation, you agree that this is your responsibility and we will not be held responsible for this. You will be responsible for settling any charges associated with re issuing any documentation.  Please also ensure that the correct information is given at the time of booking as any errors with names, dates etc may result in your documents being cancelled or unusable. Should you be aware of any errors, please advise us immediately.


IMPORTANT: Please forward a copy of the first page (photo) of your passport/s to us prior to final payment.


13.1 Passports and Visas

Many countries require you to have at least 6 months valid on your passport. Please ensure you know what the countries requirements are prior to your booking.

New Caledonia Voyages require the following details for booking: full name and gender as appears in passport, date of birth, passport number, place of issue and expiry date and a telephone number or address where passengers can be reached if necessary within 24 hours prior to departure.

Please ensure that any personal information is recorded correctly as any changes that are made after the booking may result in the loss of an airline seat(s).

It is the passenger's responsibility that these details are recorded correctly. Name changes after a booking will incur amendment fees and may also mean having to cancel the original booking which will result in the loss of the airline seat(s). This also includes, name changes, initial changes etc.


13.2 Vaccinations

Please ensure that you have researched into the country you are visiting and that you know what vaccinations you require prior to your trip. Please contact your own doctor to discuss this.


14. Airlines 

Once you have received your paper or e tickets from the airlines, please ensure that you have read their own terms and conditions.

New Caledonia Voyages will decide our costs and invoices on airfare classes as per information received from the Travel Agent at the time of booking. In the case of ticketing deadlines, it is the responsibility of the Travel Agent to notify New Caledonia Voyages of the ticketing deadline and to arrange payment in time for the ticketing conditions to be met.

If the conditions of the airfares used have not been followed, or inaccurate information has been supplied, New Caledonia Voyages reserves the right to pass on to the agent any additional charge by the airline.


14.2 Frequent Flyer 

If you are part of the Frequent Flyer program, please advise your consultant with your membership details to be included in the booking. Please ensure that you have read your specific terms of membership. Any points not added onto your membership card must be taken up with the supplier.


15. Website and Brochure

We cannot guarantee that product descriptions, locations and accommodations reflect the actual picture. They are for general information purposes only and may not be relevant to your holiday. Any hotel room images are for general viewing and may not reflect the actual room during your stay.

These are supplied direct and have no responsibility to New Caledonia Voyages.


16. Baggage

Please check baggage allowances applied by airlines, cruise companies and coach operators prior to travel. Baggage allowances vary depending on the airline and destination and it is your responsibility to ensure you know the correct allowance for your trip.


17. Privacy Laws 

We are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our customer’s personal information. To read our Privacy Policy in more detail, please click here.


I confirm that I have read, understood and acknowledge that I am 18 years of age or older and that I understand and agree with the terms and conditions above. 

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